Sunday, July 29, 2012

WIP - Leman Russ

I wanted to share some photos of my latest project, an Imperial Guard Leman Russ tank.

It's not too far away from completion and I'll be posting a full step-by-step next week for those that are interested.  I've ended up incorporating a lot of what I learnt in my Ork Bommer project, like the modulation technique and paint chipping. Weathering is present but in a much more reserved way than the Bommer!

I also broke some new ground by incorporating a very effective wash product which I'm really happy with and painting a camouflage pattern with my airbrush for the very first time!

Because of the different weapon options available for this vehicle I wanted to make it as 'modular' as possible so I've magnetised all the weapons too.

Here's the work so far:

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On a separate note today marks exactly 6 months since I started this blog! I just want to say many thanks to everyone following and all the encouraging comments I've received.

I look forward to posting on my future projects and keeping you all posted!

many thanks guys



  1. that looks really good man.. and for first camo with your airbrush, amazing :)

    1. Thanks Karitas, the camouflage was kind of a daunting prospect but I found I got the hang of it fairly quickly. I'm looking to upgrade my airbrush soon so I have finer control, but this was a great exercise in what you can do, even with a very cheap ebay airbrush.