Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tau Army finished

Finally! All done and posted on eBay!

So, it's finally over! My work on this army is complete and I can look forward to my next project. I have to say it wasn't the painting that slowed me down on this one, although that was a factor.  The thing that really got me was my decision to magnetise the Battle-suits.  Good grief! How hard did I want to make it for myself!

In the end, all 7 of the XV8 Battle-suits received 2 tiny magnets into all 4 of their 'hard-points' (arms and shoulders).  That bit wasn't so bad, but the magnetisation of over 70 weapons and support systems with tiny rectangular magnets nearly killed my enthusiasm for the project completely.  To embed the rectangular magnets I had to drill 2 little holes and then cut and dig with a craft knife until I had made a rectangular hole for the magnet to sit in.  If I do this again I'm buying a Dremel!

As I said at the top of the post I have put the entire army on eBay so if you fancy a look go here.

Edit: The Tau army has now been bought by a very nice man from Canada!

That's the end of my shameless plug and the last thing I'll have anything to do with Tau for quite some time I think...

I'll leave you with my final pictures of the army.  Comments and crits, as ever are very welcome.



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  1. OMG... really really really great army... and color scheme!!
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  2. Really great army, shame it's being ebayed...

  3. Congratulations! All the hard work really paid off, the army looks fantastic - Looking forward to seeing what's next. Keep up the great work!

  4. Many thanks for your kind words guys!

    @warzoneminis - I really wanted a colour scheme similar to the Vietnam era US Army. It just screams 'MILITARY' to my mind and I thought combining it with futuristic alien stuff might work well.

    @Inkub - It's kind of a shame but I knew from the outset this army would be sold so I haven't got 'too' attached to it. I think it's better off going to someone who will actually use it for gaming. Plus the sale of this will fund future projects so it's going to help me a lot (if someone buys it!)

    @Mordian - Thanks Mordian, you've seen me struggling away with this the last few months and I know you know what it's like painting armies up and getting big projects finished! Next up is an Ork flyer, just like yours!

  5. A break from Tau is advisable. I've met a commission painter who did three Ork commissions back to back and physically twitched whenever you mentioned the colour green...

    1. It's true! My left eye blinks slightly too quickly when anyone says 'battle suit'.

      Yes, I've had enough Tau for the time being but it may not be the end of the story completely as I've had a couple of Tau related commission enquiries since I put this lot on eBay!