Monday, June 18, 2012

Tau army (nearly) finished (again)

Hi guys, sorry I haven't updated for a while but I'm very nearly finished my Tau army. Pics and details after the jump...

After not being all that happy with the finish of my Tau Devilfish and Hammerheads (see some pics here, I had a re-think on some ways I could improve them without 'totally' starting again.

After consulting a couple of YouTube videos on armoured vehicle painting and doing a bit of homework I came up with a strategy that, in my eyes at least, has paid off.  The worst bit was getting over the psychological hurdle of painting over what I had already done.  As much as I didn't like the old finish, potentially ruining that finish even more was an energy draining prospect.

This is where doing a little research paid off and, I reasoned, the very worst thing that could happen was that I would totally ruin the paint job and I would have to start again.  If it came to that I would  be disappointed and inconvenienced but it would all be part of that big learning process we newbies go through so... c'est la vie.

Fortified by my YouTube education and a philosophical spirit I started the re-paint and in the end it all went very well and I'm really pleased with the results.  So much so, I'm kind of thinking that vehicle modelling and painting will occupy a lot more of my time in the future.  I feel like I've only really scratched the surface of what's possible and I'm really keen to explore more.

As these vehicles formed a significant mental block, getting in the way of the completion of my Tau army, I'm now happy to report that it's nearly done and I'm hoping to sell it all on eBay very soon.

Why am I selling all the models that I've spent countless hours on trying to get right?  Quite simply to fund more projects in this hobby that I'm growing to love more and more and also to fund my learning too.  I am one of the very lucky people going over to France at the end of August to participate in a painting weekend run by the guys over at Massive Voodoo and the successful sale of my Tau army will essentially be paying for my ticket over there.

I've got loads more to talk about in upcoming posts, including the simple techniques I used to 'correct' my vehicles, more details of the Tau army before it goes on eBay, painting 'socially' and maybe chat a bit about where I see my painting going in the future.  Exciting times!



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