Sunday, November 11, 2012

UCM Albatross - Heavy Dropship

Hey guys, more Dropzone Commander goodness for you.  This time it's the excellent UCM Albatross Model.

I completed this model in a similar fashion to the Neptune Dropships from a couple of weeks ago.  I have to say I was surprised by the final size as it's much bigger than I thought.  In fact when you compare it to a 40K Rhino it's almost about the same length and width (!) and only  a couple of centimetres shorter in height.

I stayed close-ish to the studio colour scheme again with Vallejo Model Air Olive Drab as the primary colour.  I lightened in the highlights with a mix of Olive Drab, Vallejo Model Air Dark Yellow and then a little white added for the uppermost highlights.  I think I could have pushed it a tiny bit more, but overall I'm pretty happy.

The engine/metallic areas are all Vallejo Model Colour Black with a little graphite powder rubbed on gently with a cotton bud to get a faint metallic sheen.  In a couple of places I also went over with a 4B pencil if the detail was too small or inaccessible.

As with most of the Dropzone Commander models I love the design of this dropship.  It has a really great mix of military sensibility combined with a cool 'Thunderbirds' aesthetic.  Somehow it manages to look amazing from almost any angle.  Very cool.

I think if I was going to put together a Dropzone Commander army it would be a close tie between UCM and PHR but UCM would 'probably' clinch it almost on the strength of this model alone.

More pics below and let me know if you like or don't like this piece, all (constructive) feedback appreciated! Oh, and obviously any questions you have regarding the painting etc, let me know.



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