Thursday, November 22, 2012

On the bench - Dust Medium Panzer Walker

Another day, another model for another gaming system.  This time it's a Medium Panzer Walker for Dust Tactics...

As you may have seem from my recent Dropzone Commander posts, I'm having a lot of fun recently, breaking away from 40K and indulging in model painting projects for different game systems.

This is the the Medium Panzer Walker from Fantasy Flight Games.  I'm told, Dust Tactics, the game system that this model belongs to, is incredibly popular in the US, challenging the might of even the mighty 40K!

Whether thats true or not, this model certainly strikes a chord in me that takes me back to when I used to build WW2 tanks as a teenager, which is probably why I was so attracted to it as a little project.

I was actually planning to review this model, but as it's not quite finished yet I'll postpone that plan until I post the final pictures, hopefully next week.

Whats left to do?  A couple of repairs where bits have fallen off or broken, annoying, but nothing deal-breaking.  I want to add some oil and rust effects and possibly a decal to the turret/head to break up the homogenous colour a bit.

In the meantime I'll leave you with some pics of my work in progress.



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