Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tau Battleforce

Here's some pics of the Tau Battleforce I completed last month.  

This project was essentially an experiment to test my skills at producing a 'relatively' large batch of miniatures to a high standard 'and' within a specific time-frame.  

I was very pleased with the way they came even though I totally over-shot my completion target! I learnt a lot along the way and the success of this project means I was able to start my current project with more confidence and ambition. More about that in a future posting...

In the meantime, I'll be posting a detailed report of my workflow, painting process and a materials list in my next post, so if you like the colour scheme these guys have been decked out in, you'll be able to re-produce it for your own army. Comments and crit's welcome!

Kroot Carnivore squad

XV8 Battlesuit & Fire Warrior squad

Stealth team


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