Friday, March 23, 2012

Zenithal highlighting experiment - Ultramarines

Hi guys, seems this blog has been very Tau oriented ('Tau-riented'?) from the outset so I thought I'd post something different but very familiar too...

Inspired by the 'Speed Painting with Thomas David' tutorial video from Miniature Mentor and the amazing Ultramarines from Arsies Studio Blog.  

Still WIP and I know Ultramarines 'can' be perceived as a bit boring, but let me know what you think.

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  1. I think they look good. Did you use spray paint or an airbrush to add the highlight effect?

    Ron, FTW

    1. Thanks Ron, they were initially primed a very dark grey and then airbrushed 'zenithally' with 4 shades of increasingly lighter blues (After this stage everything was applied by bristle brush)

      After the airbrush stuff was dry they got a very dilute blue glaze all over.

      Next up was a single coat for the black and metallic areas followed by a very dark blue, almost black wash all over but concentrating on the darkest areas and recesses.

      Finally I mixed up a very light blue for the uppermost highlights and took some time to get the lenses the way I wanted.

      Just finishing off the details now so I'll hopefully be able to post up the results soon.