Friday, March 2, 2012

WIP - Devilfish magnetised doors

This is one of 3 Devilfish, where I've painted the interior and magnetised the doors to make them 'open-and-closeable'.  More pics after the jump...

The rear exit door has it's own hinge but you need to make your own for the side doors (I used the copper pins from my P3 Pin vice set) .  Each devilfish uses 6 magnets to make this work properly, you can see them at the top of the doors just above the viewing windows.

Again, I can't take the credit for any of this.  I got full instructions for how to do this from the downloads section of the fantastic Eastern Empire blog. Many thanks again Seb!

The nature of this conversion means that for the side doors at least it's not the most robust, I tore a hinge bracket through cow-handed clumsiness on one of the other Devilfish.  But as long as your careful you can open and close the doors all day (which is pretty much what I have been doing).

As I've discovered this conversion also pretty much doubles the workload on the Devilfish kit but it's fun seeing it all come together too.

All things considered, I think this really transforms the standard Devilfish kit into something much more special.  Obviously I still have a way to go before I'm finished but I'm very pleased with my progress so far.

I'll hopefully have some finished pics of all 3 pieces to show you next week.  In the meantime, let me know that you think.

Doors open...

Doors closed...

Doors open again. I love this game...

The magnet is the circular bit in amongst all the...square bits...


  1. Its all a little nuts! Which is probably exactly why I like it!!!

    1. Thanks oink, I'll take that as a compliment! : )

  2. Very smooth finish on the rear ramp Unreal, really interesting seeing how folks use the tutorial to their own means. I will say, the side doors are fiddly, one of my own has a green stuff tidy up after some aggressive drilling lol.

    What have you chosen to bond the side door pins in place?

    - Seb

    1. Hey Seb, many thanks. Green stuff will definitely have to be deployed on the broken side door bracket I think! I'm using copper pins for pinning the side doors and they're holding themselves in right now...

  3. This is awesome mate! It's a real inspiration. At the moment I'm gathering all the ideas I can for my Tau and this is definitely going on the to-do list. Just need to finish my shiny astartes before I can start contributing to the greater good!

    1. Cheers Tim, looking forward to seeing all your Grey Knights finished too.