Thursday, January 10, 2013

Building the Valkyrie WIP#1 - Interior

This is the first update of my 40K Valkyrie project...

Just to show my finished DUST Walker wasn't a complete fluke, I'm cracking on with my next build, a 40K Imperial Guard Valkyrie from Games Workshop.

From the outset I intended to paint the interior and make the roof removable so the viewer can take a look at all the detail on the inside.  After all it seems a shame to hide it all away when there's quite a lot to show off.

As I've discovered, painting the interior of the Valk takes a little planning and organisation. The roof, walls, floor and ramp were all painted prior to being assembled.  I also magnetised the ramp so it will stay up by itself.  After painting I assembled all of the elements except the roof which will remain removable.

I've applied my now customary paint chipping to the deck, walls and roof.  The general look and feel I'm aiming for is well used, but in good working order.  It's predominantly grey and black but I've added a light blue to some of the buttons and key pads to make it more attractive and less utilitarian.

You'll see from the pics that the engines of the Valk have also been built and filled.  Speaking of which, I'm finding the standard of this kit to be fairly average in terms of build experience, especially in comparison to the newer models from GW, like the Ork Bommer which I can't say enough good things about.

I realise the Valk kit is a few years old now but there are heavy mold lines on many of the components and I've spent a lot of time cleaning up small but detailed pieces so they can look as good as possible.  It's tedious but necessary unfortunately.

Thankfully, that part of the build is behind me now and virtually everything is off the sprue and cleaned up.  The next step is the cockpit and pilots which I'm painting up prior to assembly which will form the next part of my WIP.

Until then, let me know if you have any questions, crits or comments!

Click here for part 2!

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  1. I really like the gradations you've produced on some of the panels. The highlight going down the center of the roof came out particularly well. Combined with the chipping, the interior does have a "well used but in good working order" look to it. Great job.

  2. That is looking spectacular! I love the weathering effects - looking forward to seeing more!

  3. "Average" in terms of build experience? I would probably use phrases like "one of the forgotten circles of hell"...

    1. Hey responsible,

      It's all relative of course, but yes, if 'build experience' is falling between 2 stools, then it's probably closer to the hellish one than the average one.

      Does that sentence make any sense?