Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Unrealistic Artist - 1 year old today!

It's 1 year to the day that this blog was born...

Wow, that's gone quick! Yes, my little corner of the internet is 1 year old and I thought I'd write a special post to celebrate.

Thank you

I wouldn't have kept going with this blogging thing unless I thought someone out there in the t'interweb was actually bothering to read it every once in a while.  With that in mind I'd like to thank everyone who follows the blog.  It's a very real psychological boost when you see your readership and pageviews going up and I really appreciate it when somebody takes the time to stop by, especially with so many other quality blogs around.

I'd like to give special thanks to Ron Saikowski who writes the From the Warp blog who inspired me to start my blog in the first place.  Ron also took the time to offer me some advice too when I was first starting up.  Ron's taking a break from blogging but I hope he decides to return at some stage, I know he's missed by many.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a huge extra special thank-you to Mordian who runs the amazing 40K blog Mordian 7th Regiment.  Mordian, you've been a supporter of The Unrealistic Artist, virtually since the very beginning (you actually were the very first to ever leave me a comment!) and I'm always cheered up by your infectious enthusiasm and encouragement. Many thanks my friend.

Other notable contributors include (in no particular order):

Tael who runs Eastern Empire
Tim Toolen who runs Miniature Tim
The Responsible One who runs The Responsible One's wargaming blog
Itsacoyote who runs Itsacoyote Workshope
Inkub who runs Wojna w Miniaturze
Max von Deadlock who runs Max Von Deadlock's miniature madness
Gary Therkildsen who runs So,...I play this game
Zab who runs Almost Perftec

I'm sure I've missed a couple of people so I apologise if I have!

The favourite...

My favourite project over the last 12 months was definitely the completion of my Ork Bommer.  It's easily the best model I've ever produced (until the Valkyrie is finished anyway...) and it marked a turning point in how I want to continue modelling and painting.

Apparently 'your' favourite project from TUA is my spray booth.  To date it's generated by far the highest pageviews of any other post I've written.  With that in mind I'll try and include an airbrushing post or 2 in the coming months.

To summarise...

I've very much enjoyed exploring the world of miniatures, model making, war-gaming and airbrushing over the last 12 months. Here's to the next 12.

thanks everyone


PS I haven't finished the Valkyrie, which has dominated the last 3 weeks or so of posts.  I didn't want to do a rush job right at the end so I'm hoping to have her all finished up by the end of the week.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Keep up the great work. That Valk is looking pretty sweet. Thanks for the shout out AND Holy crap! I forgot how epic your spray booth was! Why did I buy that puny little booth I have? ~sigh~ Now I'm gonna have to compensate for my small booth somehow...Oh god here comes my mid life hobby crisis! Look for me riding around the blogs in a big, red tricked out Baneblade I guess.

  2. Happy Birthday to TUA, look forward to more posts on great projects such as the Bomma, Tau and what ever else ends up under the spraypen.

    Again, that Spray booth is very impressive, I can certainly account for several pageviews out of envy alone!

    - Seb :D

  3. Congratulations, Paul, and happy birthday to the blog. Looking forward to the Valkyrie.

  4. Congrats, man! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog over the last year and I'm looking forward to more in the future - keep up the great work!

  5. Many thanks guys, much appreciated as ever!

    @Zab - Spray booth envy is a terrible thing. Just remember size does matter...Talking of Baneblades, I'd really like to build one of the 'super heavies' soon.

    @Tael - Many thanks for all the inspiration concerning Tau related mods. New codex this year do you reckon?

    @Gary -Cheers mate, the Valk should be done soon. Why is it the last bits always seem to take the longest?

    @Mordian - Thanks Mr M, your support is nothing short of epic, much like your hobby work ethic. How you get so much done in such a short time is beyond me!