Friday, January 25, 2013

Building the Valkyrie WIP#4 - The wash

 Almost there...

So the wash has finally gone on and as I hoped, it's softened some of the highlights on the model. That said they're still a little strong...


I'm using the clay based washes from Flory for this stage of the weathering process. I've found Flory washes are great for the vehicles I've been modelling.  They work differently to most washes you find as they are designed to be wiped off 'after' they've dried.

The idea is, you liberally paint on the wash with a regular paint brush, then you wait for it to dry (roughly 20-30mins).  After it's dry you take a moist piece of kitchen paper or a cotton bud and gently rub off the wash in a circular motion.  The moisture 're-activates' the wash so it wipes off, only leaving it in the nooks and crannies.

It's really controllable and easy to make streaks of grime and dirt, ideal for the look I want.  However it will keep on 're-activating' every time it comes into contact with moisture so you need to seal it with varnish when you're done tinkering.

It works really well, although it's rather labour intensive and you run the risk of rubbing off the paint work if it hasn't cured properly or if you're a bit over-enthusiastic. For me the appeal is they're solvent free so there's no smelly white spirit or turpentine involved.

I used a mixture of Black and Dark dirt for the top of the Valk and dark dirt for the underside.  I'm pleased with the results and it brings me one step closer to completion!

Next steps...

The next job is continuing the weathering process with chipping and rust effects.  This will hopefully enhance the weathered realistic look I'm going for.

After that we're on the home straight.  I need to finish up the pilots, paint and glue the canopy, finish up the landing gear and rocket launchers and complete the base.  Ideally I want it finished by the 1st anniversary of this blog on the 29th of Jan so wish me luck!

Enjoy the pics and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Looks great. Flory huh? I'm going to have to try that - with a little one running around I have a need for something that doesn't use harmful solvents. Thanks.

    1. Cheers Zab, yep Flory's definitely worth a look. Btw, belated thanks for mentioning my spray booth post on your blog, much appreciated!

  2. Looking better all the time, man! I'd never heard of Flory - definitely a great end result!


    1. Thanks Mordian, still a couple of big steps to go but she's almost there! I think Flory are a UK company but I'm sure they ship to your side of the pond too. You do a lot of vehicles too so maybe it'll come in handy?