Monday, April 16, 2012

Citadel Paints for sale!

It's been a little while coming, but I've decided to sell my Citadel collection and switch to Vallejo.

The big sale

In order to clear my desk and to help fund the big switchover, I've put all of the pictured paints on eBay so check it out if you're interested.

Reasons why?

So why am I selling up and switching?  I really like my Citadel paints, especially the foundation colours and they've always served me very well.  The coverage is generally pretty good and even when it's not (I'm looking at you Sunburst Yellow...) if you're patient enough to put on several layers you'll nearly always get a good result.  So it's nothing to do with the quality, which I think is excellent. So what then?

Since starting to use the Vallejo range I've found I have a far greater degree of control in mixing and diluting paint.  I'm not someone who generally paints 'from the pot' so being able to to accurately measure the paint I'm using is a real advantage for me. In this respect dropper bottles are definitely the way I want to go from now on. I would say this is my primary reason for wanting to change.

Secondary reasons include the proven quality of the Vallejo range, the volume/price ratio and the comprehensive range of colours on offer which include a wide pallet of military colours which suit my aesthetic style better than the brighter colours that Citadel offers. Vallejo also have a dedicated airbrush line which again is very useful including their surface primer which I now use 100% of the time.

So just Vallejo then?

I'll still use Citadel paints from time to time although I've yet to sample the new range, I'm sure they'll tempt me with a few colours.  I'm also keeping a few colours either because I'm already using them for a project or because frankly I would never be cheeky enough to sell a half empty pot of paint with a lid that barely closes...

When these paints, that form the majority of my paint supply, go I'll be committed to switching! Look out Dark Sphere, I'll be placing an order soon!

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