Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator - WIP 6

Armour finished...

I spent quite a while this evening adding blended shadows and highlights onto the armour.  I'm fairly happy with the transitions, even though in the photos I can see a couple of bits I seem to have missed, but it all seems a bit too subtle.

Until I see it again in daylight it will be difficult to make a judgement call but I had enough energy left to put a quick base coat down for the metallics.

Armour shadow:

VMA Black Grey with increasing amounts of Citadel Black undercoat (it's the only black I had left) added on each successive coat. There were 4 to 5 coats in total until the last one was almost black.  Very (very) dilute mix applied to recesses and shadow areas as a kind of glaze to try and get a smooth transition.

Armour highlight:

VMA Black Grey with increasing amounts of VMA light grey.  Applied as above but to raised areas and 'top-lit' parts of the mini.


Boltgun metal with a couple of drops of Badab Black and a blob of black undercoat (plus a 3 or 4 drops of water)

So we're getting there slowly.  Next step will be the right shoulder pad and the stone areas + shading and highlighting the metallics.

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  1. That is really coming together nicely! Loving that tone you're getting on the armor. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Mordian, struck me today that I might be rushing it a bit, but I still have time...right? Right?

  2. Looks really great. I very like this kind of painting, with subtle shadows and highlights. It is much more difficult to make a good photo of such miniature but this one is definitely nice.

    1. Thanks for looking in Inkub. All my WIP photos are taken on my iPhone and then at the end of the process I break out my Nikon DSLR for something a bit better. Hopefully I'll get something worth taking a pic of!

  3. So glad that I found the link to your blog on your Puttytribe profile! I love seeing people's projects, especially being able to watch it evolve.

    You've got a good eye for this! So envious of your talent, because I have trouble with bigger projects. Can't imagine how difficult miniatures would be for me.

    1. Thanks Kelly, I guess I like this because it brings lot's of disciplines together, not just the painting, things like writing and photography. It also soothes and calms my inner geek... very important.