Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator - WIP 2

Quick post to show you where I'm at with my competition mini...

I took my time carefully cleaning the mould lines from each part and this morning did a final 'pose check' before gluing together with superglue gel.

You may also have noticed the Wolf's head has disappeared from the loin cloth pelt and been replaced with some green stuff.  I just felt that the head on the wolf pelt cloak was enough and the lower one was unnecessary, so off it went.  This should also help concentrate the focal point around the head of the mini.

The torso is angled a bit more than on my previous post as it kind of lends weight to the filthy great hammer he's holding up and just, in my eyes anyway, gives a bit more balance.

More green stuff went on top of the cloak where there was a flat spot for something ornamental which I don't need and a tad more where I've had to adjust the hanging 'arm' of the pelt.

Right now, the cloak hasn't been glued in place, it's just resting on top of the mini.  I'm going to paint it separately to make life a little bit easier.

Some thoughts on the base. It's going to be kept simple for time constraint reasons as much as anything else and magnetised to the plinth so the mini can be used for gaming too.

That's about it, next step is priming, so see you next time.

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