Friday, April 20, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator - WIP 7

A change of direction... for the better...

Do you ever get that thing where you look at something and it's just not right? I got that big style this morning.  I was looking at the Wolfguard and it just wasn't working for me.  It might have been the greenish grey armour that pushed me, or maybe the fur looking just too flat, but I think what really convinced me to start again from scratch was the knowledge I could do a 'lot' better.

After a little while just staring at the mini this morning I knew what I had to do.  Strip it and start again. So I did.

Here's some sequential pics of my progress today and I'm happy with what I've completed so far.  Much, much happier with the wolf pelt and the lighter colour of the armour gives me a nice base for shading and highlighting tomorrow. That dark green grey just wasn't giving me any colour direction at all.

Clearly there's still a laundry list of stuff to do tomorrow, not least of which is basing, but I'm confident it's achievable for Salute on Saturday. Wish me luck!

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  1. That is really coming along nicely, been quietly watching your work so far; but had to comment on this update. :D

    The step by step is great and having stripped my urban suits (x3) twice to get them insync visually.. I feel your pain.

    Enjoy Salute, love to attend in some time myself!

    1. Hi Tael, good to hear from you. In the end the decision was pretty straightforward and I was surprisingly calm through the whole process, hopefully as evidenced by the results.

      In the end it was more uncomfortable to continue than it was to start over again.

      Also, I'm planning to take pics and blog from Salute so keep an eye out!

    2. Fair enough, certainly no stranger to the thought process. Look forward to the Salute images; I think Twilight is using some of my art this weekend too :D

      Could I hit you up for your fur recipe? Or is there a tute that you've read and modified?

    3. No worries, inspiration was from the 'eavy metal masterclass space wolf but with a slightly different colour mix. Base of Scorched Brown, then highlighted outwards with Graveyeard Earth with heaviest concentration towards ends and edges. I added a little Bleached Bone to the GE and highlighted again, then pure Bleached Bone, then pure Skull White, concentrating on a smaller and smaller area each time. The whole lot got a generous wash of Gryphonne Sepia, then another wash with a 50/50 Gryphonne Sepia/Devlan Mud wash, then finally pure Devlan Mud in spots where I wanted more contrast. Just to give a bit more fur-like variation I diluted some Chaos Black for the spinal area.

      Not sure who Twilight is. What art are they using?

    4. Cheers for the guide; Gryphonne Sepia, how I love thee :D

      Sorry, I meant World of Twilight miniatures game : They've setup a few tables at the show. I did some card and colour artwork for them.

      Have a safe trip, see your updates when you return. :)

    5. Yes indeed, what will I do when my Gryphonne Sepia runs out? I've heard good things about the Army Painter washes and I've yet to try the Secret Weapon versions. Not been impressed by the Vallejo washes at all. The Black dries, unevenly, to a very dark grey. Hope they address that.

      I saw the Twilight stand at Salute and some of your work too. Outstanding!