Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tau army WIP: The Big Push - Part 1

So, it's been over 2 weeks since I worked on my Tau army, but this week it's the big push...

My original target to get this project finished was by the end of February.  I think we can safely say I've overshot somewhat.  Now it's time to get my bee-hynd in gear and tell procrastination to get the hell out of the way as I gear up for the big push.

I have some time off work this week and my aim is to get this army finished by midnight (GMT) this Friday 6th April  and I'll be posting every night until then so you guys can see how I'm getting on.

You can see how much I have left to do in my last Tau related post, State of the (Tau) Nation.

There's 5 main elements to the army:

  • 36 Fire Warriors
  • 6 Stealth Suits
  • 9 Battlesuits - including a Commander and 2 Broadsides, all with magnetised weapons.
  • 3 Devilfish - with painted interiors and magnetised hatches
  • 2 Hammerheads - with magnetised weapons

That means one element has to be finished per day if I'm to reach my target!

I made a good start today by finishing my 3 Fire warrior squads (except for the squad leaders. Doh!).  I'm going to sand and flock the bases before I hit the sack tonight and they'll be ready for painting tomorrow.  At this rate I'm already behind schedule but I'm confident I can catch up.

Boxed in

Fire Warriors in a box

Let me know your thoughts.  Have you been putting off a project that needs doing too?  Comments below please!



Tomorrow Part 2 - The Battlesuits

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  1. Nice work so far. I like the muted camo type scheme and not the usual bright contrasting colors. Gives them a very military feel.

    Ron, From the Warp

    1. Thanks Ron, that's exactly what I'm going for. The Olive drab is very evocative of US Army from WWII through to the Korea and Vietnam conflicts. It's a look that I thought would suit the Tau very well. Fingers crossed!

  2. um are you selling them i courently have 120 to 190 dollars

    1. Hi Seth, I'm afraid these were sold months ago!