Monday, April 30, 2012

Perdita Ortega - WIP #1

In a departure from GW and in the interests of painting alternative/interesting mini's I'd like to introduce you to Perdita...

Perdita is from the Wyrd miniatures range of metal 32mm mini's for the Malifaux game.

She'll be the first female mini and the first 'non-GW' figure I've ever painted!

The sculpt is very good with lots of detail but I found the pieces (the arms and hat were separate) didn't fit together very well so it was a little challenging putting her together.  In the end I'm happy with the pose and it's not a competition mini so I'm just going to try and relax and put in a good paint job.

I primed using an airbrush with Vallejo panzer grey surface primer and also put on a (slightly too heavy) zenithal highlight of Vallejo model air medium sea grey.  The zenithal highlight will give me some guidance for shadows and highlights.

Hope you enjoy the change of tack and I look forward to posting an update in a couple of days.

More pics below:

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